Mar 30, 2015

♫...There Must Be An Angel...♫

So, a few days ago when I woke up in the morning, the radio was playing a very old song by the band Eurythmics and later I felt inspired to do any art related to Angels. I picked a few things and created a themed look just for fun *u* I hope you like it.
Então, uns dias atrás quando eu acordei pela manhã estava tocando no rádio uma música antiga da banda Eurythmics, então eu acabei me sentindo inspirada em criar alguma arte relativa a anjos. Fui pegando alguns itens por ai e acabei compondo este look e acabei decidindo postar por diversão *u* Espero que gostem.
HEAD: VCO _ Fairy mesh Head _  [Chloe] _ RARE @ The Arcade Gacha!/L$100 per play
HAIR: Magika - Harmony
DRESS: -Pixicat- Wonderland.Dress nr.2 - White (xs) 2 @ The Arcade Gacha!/L$50 per play
WINGS: +Half-Deer+ Spring Eternal - Chantilly Wings (wear) @ The Arcade Gacha!/L$75 per play

CLOUDLAND: 8f8 - Dreamer's Cloudland - Home Cloud
CLOUD TREE: +Half-Deer+ Daydreaming Tree [Pink]
SHEEP: +Half-Deer+ Kerfluffle Sheep - Marshmallow 3 old gacha

Poses by Oracul/Kuso

Mar 28, 2015

Rose Red

SKIN: Curio
HAIR: MOON "Kinderfeld" @ Uber

HAIRBAND: Swallow -Flower Power- Red
EARS: *~*Illusions*~* Sprite Ears
DRESS: -Pixicat- Wonderland.Dress nr.1 - Red (s) @ The Arcade / Gacha L$50 per play
RED ROSE: [Wishbox] Single Red Rose

Mesh hands by Slink
Poses by Oracul/Kuso

Mar 27, 2015

Pretty in Pink

SKIN: Enfant---Blossom3 @Kustom9 Gacha
HAIR: Truth

DRESS: Tee*fy Anouk T-Shirt Dress (Pink) @ Uber
HEADBAND: Action MESH Studded Kitty Headband
BAG: .tsg. Yorkie Puppies - Carrier RARE Gacha / L$50 per play
PUPPY: .tsg. Yorkie Puppies - Vanilla Hairbow Gacha / L$50 per play

Mesh hands & Mid Feet by Slink

Poses by Oracul/Kuso (Left/Right). Middle Pose made by myself :3

Mar 23, 2015

Just Another Day...

HAIR: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Minako *NEW*  @ Level Up!
SKIN: Enfant---Blossom3 *NEW* @Kustom9 Gacha

SHIRT: The Secret Store - Laura Polo Shirt - Sky @ Collabor 88
LEGGINGS: Tee*fy Eva High-Waisted Leggings *NEW* @ N21
SHOES: [BREATHE]-EllieHeels-Baby Blue *NEW*
CELLPHONE: VCO - Bunny Phone [RARE 2] - Gacha / L69 per play
GLASSES: .tsg. Megane Classic - White
NECKLACE: * VinCue ~ Bowy Necklace -Teal!-
HAIR BOW: Magika - FREE Subscribo

Mesh Hands & High Feet by Slink

Poses by Oracul/Kuso

Mar 18, 2015

La Vie en Rose

Today I'm showing the exclusive Enfant "Blossom" skin that is available only at Kustom 9, as gacha prize. There are plenty of options to get! Besides 12 commons, the machine reserves 7 rares prizes:  4 are skins; lipstick HUD for Loud Mouth; lipstick HUD for Sweet Lips; pack containing six lipsticks for regular mouths (I'm showing only 4 of these lips, see the photo with the rare skins. Those rare skins have natural/nude lipsticks, the difference is on the shading/blush on their faces). Also, all skins comes with 2 teeth options, appliers for hands/feet and also there're appliers for TMP mesh head *0*
I'm also wearing the super sexy high "Candice Heels" by [BREATHE], which is a recent release. It's compatible with Slink High & Maitreya Lara.
I hope you enjoy the post *u*
Hoje estou mostrando essa nova skin exclusiva da Enfant, chamada "Blossom" que está disponível no evento Kustom9, como prêmio de gacha. Há muitas opções disponiveis! Além das 12 skins "comuns", há 7 itens raros disponíveis, distribuidos assim: 4 skins raras; 1 HUD de batons pra Loud Mouth; 1 HUD de batons pra Sweet Lips; e pacote com 6 batons pra ser usado na skin básica (estou mostrando 4 desses batons, misturados ali nas skins Raras. Lembrando que as raras vem com batom natural, a diferença mesmo é no sombreado do rosto / blush). Todas as skins vem com 2 tattoo de dentinhos e appliers pra pés/mãos, e a novidade é que também há appliers pra cabeça mesh da TMP.
Também estou usando as novas "Candice Heels da loja [BREATHE], pra usar esses sapatos altíssimos é necessário Slink High ou Maitreya Lara.
Espero que gostem da postagem *u*

SKIN: Enfant---Blossom @ Kustom9 (gacha) *NEW*
HAIR: Lamb. Illuminate - Variety

DRESS: Tee*fy Kira Off-Shoulder Dress - Pink @ Collabor88
HEADPIECE: *LODE* Head Accessory - Magnolia II Double [pink] @ The Arcade
NECKLACE: Glam Affair - QtUnicorns Neckalce Candy Glitters
SHOES: [BREATHE]-Candice Heels *NEW*
RABBIT: ISPACHI [GARDEN FRIENDS] Sniffles the Bunny 4 @ The Arcade

Mesh Hands & Feet (high) by Slink

Poses by Oracul/Kuso

Mar 16, 2015

Pink Little Thing

Hey lovelies!
I'm glad to announce that starting from now I'm also blogging at With Love blog with talented blogger Dyana Rain! Check the blog to see all the awesomeness *-*
This quick post is special to show this fun hairstyle by Ayashi, it's exclusive for Create Your Own Tarot event, the theme of this round is "The Fool". The hair has optional star beads and a cute bow, not shown. Check the event for more.
HAIR: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Sunny hair-Fatpack *NEW* @ Create Your Own Tarot
HEAD: VCO _ Fairy mesh Head _  [Chloe] _ RARE @ The Arcade

DRESS: .Atomic. {Vintage Kitten} Set 1  @ The Kawaii Project
NECKLACE: ALTAIR* zZz neko necklace .white.
TIGHTS: Izzie's - Cat Tights

Hanging Stars: Croire @ Marketplace

Mesh hands by Slink

Poses by Oracul/Kuso

Mar 11, 2015

Every Little Thing

I had too much fun while picking each single thing for this look, I hope you like it :)

Skin: .tsg. Eun-Seo A tone
Eyes: (*ANGELICA) TSUYA EYES #sepia Gacha (L$35 per play)
Hair: Lamb. Illuminate - Variety Pack

Dress: ::{u.f.o}::fairy kitchen - dot XXS @ The Arcade
Headband: -KanoYa- Velvet.Bow *NEW*
Antlers: +Half-Deer+ Eternum Antlers (Dollface) old gacha
Ears: [theSkinnery] Puki Mesh Ears
Ferret: [ - WEON - ] Unruly.Ferrets - beige 1 old gacha
Bird: +Half-Deer+ Spring Eternal - Hummingbird - Pure @ The Arcade


Fence: Glitterati
Piggie: ISPACHI [GARDEN FRIENDS] Cap'n Oink the Piglet @ The Arcade
Bird Houses: Alouette - #9 Fairy Garden Bird Houses @ The Arcade

Poses by Oracul/Kuso